Chaparral & Phil Hill (2hrs) DVD




Chaparral 2D and 2E at the monterey 100 mile race 1965 and 1966

Full menu on this DVD start with the Monterey 100 mile race see the Chaparral 2D with drivers Jim hall and hap sharp  very rare footage of this car at one point there is a terrific crash with Jim Hall he is out of the race so you can guess who wins!

Next race Monterey 100 mile race 1966 Jim Hall and Phil Hill take the wheel of the famous chaparral 2E this is fantastic footage of the car that started modern day aerodynamics you can see the break flipper working into the corner.

USRRC 1966 Elkhart lake

Drivers Richie Ginther, Dr. Dick Thompson, Charlie Hayes, Chuck Parsons, and many others. This is a very rare film showing this race! Did you know that Haus from bonanza was a car owner in this era?

Phil Hill shares his memories in 1995

This video shot in 1995 is one of many talks Phil has done over the years sharing memories of his career, in this presentation he shows his personal collection of slides starting in the early 50’s. From Italy- driving for Ferrari to telling the tale of how Fangio was kidnapped in Cuba during a F-1 race this 90 min piece covers it all, very rare slides never seen anywhere else! This evening was a very informal group of guys that made for a very relaxed evening of incredible stories, this video is sure to become a future icon of the automotive world.