CarAlity… A Tribute In New Orleans


J. Daniel Jones


Antoine “Andy” Guidry is a down on his luck cable TV producer living well beyond his means in San Diego, CA.​​​

He had risen through the ranks of camera op, field producer, and senior producer until he finally jumped ship and developed his own show… burning more than a few bridges on the journey. When his show was abruptly cancelled, it left him with little more than maxed out credit cards, severely overdue bills, and an increasingly virulent cannabis vaping habit.

Unsuccessful at trying to drum up work from former “once bitten-twice shy” associates, he is forced to sell his most treasured possession, a 1968 Porsche 911T Targa. Needing the money as soon as possible, he selects the next classic car auction he can find, A-Bears Classic Car Auction in New Orleans, LA. Being a Louisiana native, it feels like he’s returning home and starting all over again. At his age, that’s not a good thing.

Through an unforeseen twist of fate, he finds he is now the only TV producer on the planet with access to the coup of the auto auction universe. A previously undiscovered Mercedes-Benz 770K Grosser Tourenwagen, purportedly used by Adolf Hitler, is also being sold in the same auction as Andy’s cherished 911, and with about as much advance publicity.

Unfortunately, the consigner not only has no interest in television coverage, he’s actually banned it. He claims it’s due to the nature of the provenance, which may be as, or even more valuable than the car itself.

If he can find a loophole that will let him actually cover the auction, this could put him back in the game. He just needs to develop a concept, pitch it, get some front money, field a crew, sneak ’em in, and cover the classic car auction event of the century. Sure, it sounds a bit daunting. But he does, after all, have three whole days to pull it off. ​