Bugatti Carlo, Remrandt, Ettore, Jean


Amanda Dunsmore

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In late 2006 the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) purchased its first work by a member of the Bugatti family, Carlo Bugatti’s Throne chair, circa 1900. From this initial acquisition the idea of an exhibition grew, until the gallery announced it would stage Australia’s first exhibition of the work of the Bugatti family in early 2009.

The exhibition will showcase the work of three generations of craftsmen, artists and designers: furniture by Carlo Bugatti, animal sculptures by his son Rembrandt, and the legendary cars designed by Carlo’s eldest son Ettore and Ettore’s son Jean. The Bugatti family represents a fascinating and unique story in the history of art, design and automobiles during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Compiled by Amanda Dunsmore and John Payne, at the NGV, Bugatti: Carlo Rembrandt Ettore Jean is a comprehensive collection of the works by this remarkable Italian family that was on display during the gallery’s 2009 exhibition.