S.C.T.A. Bonneville National Speed Trials- 1949-1968


Ron Main  David Fetherston


If you’re a Bonneville history buff, this two-book set SCTA Bonneville National Speed Trials – 1949–1968 is for you. These two books are a compilation of Bonneville racing history, each with a chronological reproduction of the first twenty years of all the actual racing programs from 1949-1968. This never before assembled set of programs has previously been impossible to find.
Here you have it all in this one book set!
Book-1 guides you into the history of the times as young adrenalin seekers see the need for an even playing field of rules in world of land speed racing, leading to the formation of the SCTA in the later 1930s. This section is illustrated with early dry lakes photos and details. Following is a Racers’Gallery which is then flows into a complete reproduction of every page of Bonneville programs from 1949-1958.
Book-II shares every page of the Bonneville programs from 1959-1968.
Together, the books total over 680 pages.
A must, for any land speed enthusiast!