Automotive Body Repair & Painting Haynes TECHBOOK


HAYNES Techbook


This is a  complete do-it-yourself guide.

What you can learn:
• Full-color sections on minor repairs and painting
• Damage repair
• Painting
• Rust Repair

Additional detailed information includes:
• Rustproofing and undercoating
• Tools and equipment
• Repair of minor dents and rust damage
• Metal working techniques
• Major rust repair
• Body component replacement
• Sanding and painting
• Car care and detailing
• Welding

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1:   Introduction
Chapter 2:   Maintaining and preserving the paint, body and interior
Chapter 3:   Damage repair: Doing it yourself or having it done
Chapter 4:   Tools and working facilities
Chapter 5:   Minor body repairs
Chapter 6:   Major body repair
Chapter 7:   Body component replacement
Chapter 8:   Preparation for painting
Chapter 9:   Painting
Chapter 10: Doors and glass
Chapter 11: Trim and accessories
Chapter 12: Welding