Automotive Aerodynamics Handbook: A Practical Engineering Approach


Henry Landa


The Automotive Aerodynamics Handbook, written by Douglas Cox Landa and Henry C. Landa, is a must-have reference text for those interested in understanding aerodynamics applied to automotive problems and streamlining goals.

Using a simpler language than the typical engineering textbook, it presents the theory with its immediate use, allowing for classroom or self-study.

Focusing on the importance of the fundamental engineering and mathematical concepts, The Automotive Aerodynamics Handbook explains both with a very practical approach, and includes a workbook with problems and solutions.

As automotive engineering gears itself more and more towards weight reduction, fuel economy and pollution control, professionals working in this field are challenged everyday with how to make better vehicles that are lighter, efficient, safe and appealing to global mass markets. In this environment, the stability of engineering design is vital to the long-term success of any new product.

The Automotive Aerodynamics Handbook is particularly concerned with all these aspects, and integrates economic viability to this already-complex equation.