Auto Empire Highlights from M&A’s that Changed History


Richard Choi Eric Choi


The automotive industry has a tumultuous history rife with back-room deals, brilliant innovation, colorful characters, and marked by the complete transformation of our planet. In Auto Empire, author Choi paints a compelling picture of the birth and growth of the modern auto industry. And how acquisitions and mergers, in particular, have paved the way for the auto industry of today and tomorrow. From the first steam-powered carriage, to alternative energy and self-driving cars, the world can barely accommodate the ambitions of this massive industry. But in Auto Empire, Choi fearlessly tackles the industry in all its glory and failings to illuminate how it transformed itself and the world. Choi unfolds a fascinating history that spans diverse industries, epic upheavals, and touches every corner of the world. Auto Empire seamlessly weaves the eras of the automotive industry into a thought-provoking portrait of its continued evolution through acquisitions and mergers. To think, we went from sweatshop assembly lines and 14-hour work days, to high-tech automation and digital innovation. In Auto Empire, Choi captures this amazing spirit of transformation.