Austin 7 Around the Americas


Guy Bucher Eunice Kratky



Here is the story about a dream, a dream that first appeared soon after buying the first of many Austin 7’s in 1966.

Inspired by Tschiffely’s Ride (Buenos AIres to New York in 1925 with horses and mules), Coleman’s Drive (Buenos Aires to New York in a 1925 Austin 7, 1959-60) and Austins over the Andes by Vince Leek.

It tells of the designing, building and planning of the journey from Baltimore to Alaska and onto Punta Arenas in a 1936/28 Austin 7 during 2012/13 by the Authors. It takes the form of a diary:

Eunice wrote a blog on the website and Guy used Facebook as a daily record.

To reflect on the immense generosity of the many people without whom this would never have happened ALL the proceeds of the sales of the book are being donated to Dame Hannah Rogers Trust (