Alfa Romeo Spider 1966-1969 CD




The Alfa Romeo Spider – Series 1  DVD is a DVD containing images of the original factory publications for these cars.  This one DVD covers all of the 105 series “round tail” or “boat-tailed” Spiders produced from 1966 through 1969.  The 1600 Duetto Spider, the Spider 1300 Junior, and the 1750 Spider Veloce are all covered in this DVD.  This DVD includes the factory shop manuals, parts manuals, owners manuals, sales brochures, factory publicity photos, technical specifications, wiring diagrams, photo gallery, brief Alfa Romeo History and a short video.  The manuals and publications on this DVD are in Adobe PDF format and will run on Windows & Mac operating systems.

This is a very comprehensive collection of publications that is indispensable to anyone that owns, maintains or is restoring their “boat-tailed” or “round tail” Spider.  These Spiders are sometimes referred to as the First series or Series 1 Spiders.  These publications are rare, hard to find and expensive.  If you could find and purchase all of these original publications you would spend over $600 US!