If you own or lust after an Alfa Romeo, this book is for you.

Few cars evoke the passionate experience that comes with owning an Alfa. Accelerating at 100-rpm increments just to hear the musicality of the rising exhaust note. Finding corners where the tires bite like newly sharpened skates on clean ice. Admiring the sensuous body styling and engine castings-all compound curves and aluminum alloy, so often copied in the designs of lesser cars.

Alfas can also be demanding, frustrating cars to own. They are not so much unreliable, as difficult to understand and troubleshoot when problems do arise. “Alfa Romeo Owner’s Bible” gives you precisely the kind of experienced information you need to serenely buy, maintain and drive an Alfa.

Head gasket repairs, valve adjustments, camshaft timing, carburetor and SPICA fuel injection tuning, and driveshaft “donut” replacement are just a few of the many maintenance and repair procedures explained and backed up by hundreds of step-by-step photos. This tremendously valuable information is crucial to owning, understanding and driving an Alfa, even if you don’t work on it yourself.

You will also get expert advice on things you should know when buying a used Alfa-specifically, where to look for rust problems, or signs of neglect or abuse-plus high-performance tuning for street and track, choosing accessories, and fascinating marque history.

Author Pat Braden has owned and maintained more than 50 Alfas and is a columnist and former editor of Alfa Owner magazine. Though many fine books have been published on Alfa Romeo, this is the only book that provides you with the experienced, hands-on guidance you need to keep you in the driver’s seat. No Alfa lover should be without it.