Vladimir Pajevic   Gian Luigi Picchi


The GTA. An acronym for the lightened Gran Turismo: three letters deeply engraved in the collective memory of all fans – and not only – in the world of motor racing. Of the life and miracles performed by the machine from the House of Biscione, everything is now known: this book aims to tell the lesser-known part of the story about the GTA – its project, its technical side, the evolution that it has known over the years – until we get to to its incredible record of victories, unique in the history of sports cars. Vladimir Pajevic, passionate about the Alfa Romeo brand and at the time gentleman-driver, and Gian Luigi Picchi, great champion of Italian motorsport, who with the GTA won the European Touring Car Championship in 1972, wrote this book to answer questions (frequently asked and less so) about the GTA in plain and simple language. Despite the prevailing technical color of the material, it is a manual that can also offer an unskilled audience an overview of all the relevant technical data, as well as the direct experience of racing the GTA by Gian Luigi Picchi, one of the best  voices from the glory days of the legendary car.

Text English and Italian