Abarth Memories


Luca Gastaldi  Sergio Seccatore


Abarth Memories is a new book dedicated to the famous Scorpion trademark.

What you will read in the 240 pages of Abarth Memories is the story of a great company told directly by the protagonists. You will find the portrait of Carlo Abarth – of the man, the businessman, the versatile character that he was – painted by those who worked side by side with him. You will find the stories told by his employees, collaborators, and drivers: men and women who lived the Abarth myth personally. In fact, they did even more than that: they contributed in a significant way to the development of what will always be known as the speed factory.
So, the book is a fascinating trip down memory lane, with the stories of personal experiences intertwined with previously unpublished photographs. The protagonists are subdivided according to their roles in the company: the technicians, drivers, test-drivers, mechanics, test-room workers, clerks. There are also people who worked in the exhaust department and the Autoboutique. At the beginning of the book, there are the recollections – defined as “retrospective” – of Lorenzo Avidano (Carlo Abarth’s right-hand man for more than twenty years) and, the Austrian genius’ third wife, Anneliese Abarth.