#99 x 911: The History of the Porsche 911


Jorg Walz


•Incredible miniature Porsches, photographed in ‘real-world’ settings – each model is 1/43rd scale

•All of the eight 911 generation in 99 models, among them the Porsche ‘Fledermaus’ (prototype TS 901), Porsche 901/911 and the Porsche 911 Carrera S (Porsche 992)

•Handy Porsche compendium, in chronical order from 1962 to 2019

•Informative, historical and technical details to each and every model

Five decades, eight generations, one number: 911.There is no other car as legendary as the Porsche 911. Old-timer, new release or racing car legend; fans worldwide are fascinated.

The Porsche 911, an epitome of a German sports car, is a world-renowned import success and dream car. In this multi-faceted work, the 99 most important models of the legend are presented chronologically as miniatures in a 1/43rd scale, each with a picture and text page, in an informative, entertaining and surprising way: as Urban Outlaw, flat speedster, Germany’s Next top model, as a wolf in sheep’s clothing… all put together by author Jörg Walz, a collector since childhood.

The author places the snapshots of vehicle miniatures in a ‘real’ environment and presents a well-assorted digital car museum. The charming interplay between a small car model set into a lively background is fascinating. The originally spontaneously created photo collection is completely simply “iPhotographed”, without further aids or artificial arrangements, initially taken for Instagram.