The Street Rod


Tom Benford

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Though the line between hot rods and street rods is often blurred, street rodders are quick to point out the difference. Early hot rods were built for pure speed while todays street rods are crafted for looks, comfort, and performance.

Its not uncommon to see street rods sport Jaguar or Corvette independent rear suspensions, Camaro front sub frames, four-on-the-floor transmissions, power steering, or fuel-injected engines. There is no limit to the ingenuity and engineering one can put into a street rod-anything goes!

The Street Rod takes readers on a tour of the interiors, exteriors, and engines of 11 of these rolling sculptures with details on everything from upholstery and paint jobs to suspensions and transmissions. Street rodder and author Tom Benford covers common street rod jargon and makes a stop at Posies Rods & Customs, a well-known Pennsylvania custom shop.

Welcome to the wild and wonderful world of The Street Rod. Buckle up-youre in for quite a ride!