Land Rover Scrapbook


Mike Gould

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“The Land Rover Scrapbook celebrates the British motor industry’s most enduring brand as it enters its Diamond Anniversary year.

The work employs a fusion of product information, company records, personal memorabilia and design ephemera, much of it published for the first time, to bring to life the marque’s colourful history.

The lush pictorial data is interwoven with a rich historical and product narrative from former Land Rover manager and motoring journalist, Mike Gould. As a key member of Land Rover’s sales, marketing and PR team for over 30 years, Gould is well-placed to offer fresh insights into the company’s business policy and design decisions. His honesty, passion and genuine affection for Land Rover make this work a unique record not only of the marque but of the personalities and products that built the business.

Quite simply, the Land Rover Scrapbook is essential reading for the millions of Land Rover owners worldwide anxious to explore their vehicle’s pedigree. It is also an invaluable addition to the library of anyone with an interest in the motor industry.

The Land Rover Scrapbook presents a unique perspective on a British automotive icon.”