The Roadhead Chronicles


Mike Marino


Mike Marino has delivered a one-two punch of a book that goes under the V-8 hood of the American car culture. It’s style is fast paced, rapid fire and colorful, and examines the Chrome-magnon car and pop culture of America with a sense of humor, history, and a dose of horsepower haiku.

THE ROADHEAD CHRONICLES separates the world of the Roadhead into three distinct sections. You’ll jump into the backseat world of Saturday night drive-in movies, V-8’s and Vietnam, fuzzy dice, carhops, jukeboxes, and the rock ‘n roll rebel without a cause switchblade, black leather jacket lifestyle of the blue suede cruise of the 50’s and 60’s, not to mention the muscle-flexing Motor City of the ’70s where GTO’s ruled the roads!

THE ROADHEAD CHRONICLES will also gas up and kick asphalt through the world of Route 66, the kitsch culture of roadside nostalgia, neon motels, cafes, gas stations and diners, along with an offbeat look at Mystery Spots, Rock City and other asphaltian oddities that have become destinations and road culture icons in and of themselves.

THE ROADHEAD CHRONICLES wraps up with previously published articles of Mike’s Roadhead Columns that explore the city where the “beat” goes on in Jack Kerouac’s North Beach, Jerry Garcia’s spare change Haight Ashbury, all the way to Cadillac Ranch and the famous Ken Kesey bus tour of America in the ’60s. So buckle up, lock and load, and get ready to KICK ASPHALT as you fire up the engine and hit the highway in…THE ROADHEAD CHRONICLES!!