Side Glances Vol 3


Peter Egan

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“In every sort of creative environment, there are a number of people who are good, a handful who are poor and very, very few who are truly talented. Peter Egan resides in this last group in the arena of automotive writers. Peter has a unique gift: he is able to take all of the thoughts and feelings each of us has had at one time or another and put them down on paper. His universal appeal is that he speaks directly to our automotive souls. These titles are collections of Peter Egan’s “Side Glances” columns from Road & Track magazine.
Eagan’s 62 stories in this volume include: ‘Decline of the low-cost cult car’, ‘Blissards of the new millennium’, ‘Formula Ford: the best racing there ever was?’, ‘How to tell when you are an older car buff’, ‘Raicng with half your wheels gone’, ‘Romance and the motor car’, ‘Buy a race car and see the world’, ‘Car repair for near-idiots’, ‘Morgans, Old MGs and the wooden canoe’, ‘Portholes and bombsights’, ‘Alabama getaway’, & ‘Garage cleaning tips’. 132 pgs. Sftbd. Volumes I and II also available.”