American Road Racing 50’s-60’s


Tom Burnside


Nobody I know has better insight on American road racing in the 1950s than Tom Burnside and Denise McCluggage.” (Carroll Shelby)

“Tom Burnside’s wonderful book preserves a rich slice of the road racing life as we lived it back then.” (David E. Davis, Automobile Magazine))

“The photographs are fabulous. They bring back so many memories of the best years of my life. This book is a must for every lover of sports car racing.” (Stirling Moss))

“Short of leasing a time machine, American Racing may be the best way to live those days again. I can’t recommend this book highly enough.” (Classic Automobile Register))

“A motorsport book for the ages.” (AutoWeek))

“Gorgeous, massive and spectacular.” (Classic & Sports Car))

“The auto enthusiasts bargain of the Century.” (Harry Newton, European Car)