Howard’s Golden Age


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After building four of the most successful and famous air racers in the world, in the 1930s, Pete, Mike, Ike and Mr. Mulligan, Benny Howard’s fame increased with each passing year. With such notoriety, Benny was able to realize his dream — that of manufacturing and selling commercial aircraft to the flying public throughout the world. Howard was also a highly acclaimed test pilot, having test flown many aircraft for several aircraft manufacturers during his career. This Benny Howard story is a story of struggle, fame, fortune, love, depression, failure and success. All of Howard’s models are featured here: the DGA-1, DGA-2, DGA-3, DGA-4, DGA-5, DGA-6, DGA-7, DGA-8, DGA-9, DGA-10, DGA-11, DGA-12, DGA-15 and the DGA-18. The Howard Aircraft Corporation built hundreds of DGA-15 type aircraft for the U.S. Navy. Most of the existing Howard aircraft flying today are former Navy DGA-15 type aircraft. The historical text is enhanced with numerous original photographs of the era and with 3-view scale drawings of each of the DGA models. The 3-views were drawn by the internationally acclaimed, late Paul Matt, or drawn by the author himself.