Marine Corps Air St El Toro


Thomas O'Hara

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In 1943, the finishing touches on El Toro’s construction turned a bean field into one of the country’s finest military air stations. Located in a quiet valley at the base of the Saddleback Mountains and only a few miles from the Pacific Ocean, Marine Corps Air Station El Toro stood proud and tall on behalf of the U.S. military for 57 years and four wars. In this publication dedicated to the history of the Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) El Toro, with a sub-section covering MCAS Tustin, Thomas O’Hara presents a detailed account of the installation’s achievements and activities during the entire period of its service to the U.S. military. Over 200 images—from photos of the first Woman Reserve Officers in 1943 to documentation of the annual airshow—illustrate the base’s history from its role in World War II through Desert Storm.