Aeronca’s Golden Age


Abel & Matt

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AERONCA’s GOLDEN AGE is a new book included in The Golden Age of Aviation Series. Book Reviews for The Golden Age of Aviation Series: Smithsonian’s Air & Space: “Archival photos and technical drawings abound.” American Aviation Historical Society: “…details the people, facilities and manufacturing operations.” EAA’s Sport Aviation: “…progressively tells the events and details of these aircraft.” Skyways: “Your new series is a hit of the first order!” SR Batteries: “…just wonderful reading!” General Aviation News: “…books ARE A MUST FOR AVIATION BUFFS.” THE GOLDEN AGE OF AVIATION SERIES is being published to commemorate this year’s 100th Anniversary of Flight (2003), and presents an historical look at Aviation’s Golden Years through detailed and meaty text, numerous original photos, many of which have never been published before now, original magazine advertisements of the era, and internationally acclaimed 3-view Scale Drawings. This new series of books highlights a number of airplane manufacturers during the 1900s through 1950. THE GOLDEN AGE OF AVIATION SERIES takes a look at the respective airplane manufacturer from start-up (and before) through the struggling years of the Great Depression through the end of World War II and beyond to the postwar boom/bust. This series is a compilation featuring the combined research and writings of Drina Welch Abel, Alan Abel, and the late Paul Matt. The 3-view scale drawings used in our Golden Age books have been reviewed, acclaimed and praised by the aviation press in every continent of the world! AERONCA’s GOLDEN AGE progressively details the events leading to the Aeronautical Corporation of America, from the early 1920s, through the Great Depression, the disastrous flood of 1937, World War II and beyond. Book includes biographical information on the founders of Aeronca, and details the people, facilities and manufacturing operations of Aeronca during the Golden Years. Emphasis is given to Aeronca’s C-2, C-3, Model K, Model L, 7AC Champ, and 11AC Chief. ALL Aeronca’s models are discussed. Includes factory photos. This book has much more information than the previously published book, Aeronca, The Best of Paul Matt.