Some records are made to be broken. Others stand for a lifetime. And sometimes the achievement of a lifetime is surpassed in days. In the world of motorsports, the one record that has proven the toughest to break is the motorcycle land speed record. Don Vesco rode a streamlined motorcycle to a record-breaking speed of 318 miles per hour at the Bonneville Salt Flats in 1974. It was sixteen years before Dave Campos flew past that record at a speed of 322 miles per hour. And that record had stood for another sixteen years when, on Labor Day Weekend, 2006, a motorcycle daredevil and aspiring writer named Rocky Robinson rode a Suzuki-powered streamliner at an incredible 344 mph. How he got there–and how he faced his greatest challenge at his moment of triumph–is the story Robinson tells in Flat Out. Here is Robinsons epic decade-long quest to be the fastest motorcycle rider on earth, recounted in all its gritty detail–a compulsively readable account that captures the hard work, sacrifice, and dedication that go into being the worlds best, as well as the sheer terror of riding these two-wheeled rockets nearly six miles per minute.