Antique Auto Body Wood Work


C. W. Terry

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“Antique Auto Body Wood Work for the Restorer” by C.W. Terry with Arthur Hall. This book is largely drawn from “Motor Body Building,” which was published in London and New York in 1914 – the top text in the field, written by Britain’s best experts. You will find details of the principles of design from that era, rules of thumb for proportions of particular body types, and specifications for the wood & metal typically used on bodies. Learn about principles of putting together bodies in that era, such as the selection of timber, ways of chassis framing, design for weight & accommodation, constructing the framework, kinds of joints used in framing, strength and stiffness of materials, stress & strain, panel work, iron work, mounting (to allow for movement), doors & pillars, mudguards, methods for making corners in wood, and much more. The authors give detailed instructions for creating design drawings from the side elevation, cant board (side seen from top), the chassis line, sweeps, proportion in seating, and what makes a good design. Includes illustrations, diagrams, drawing, design and construction of body types, including: Limousine, Limo with quarter windows, limo with fishtail back, limo with round quarters, Cabriolet, Convertible two-seater, Touring (Torpedo), Landaulet, Landaulet with quarter windows, flush side body, and detachable Tonneau (convertible 2-4). 127 pages, softbound . Own this hard-to-find information on a golden age of automobiles.