Antique Auto Body Top Work


Herbert J. Butler

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“Antique Auto Body Top Work for the Restorer,” by Herbert J. Butler. This book faithfully reproduces top data originally appearing between 1904 and 1926 in rare American trade publications, together with relevant British material: an overview chapter from “Motor Body Work” (1924) by the grand authority Herbert J. Butler, and selections from “Motor Body Building” (1914) by the early masters C.W. Terry and Arthur Hall. A variety of representative tops are described, and from these the precise design and measurements of a particular top reconstruction today may be determined by the individual restorer. In the early years of the automobile tops were thought of as accessories; they were often not built by auto makers, but by accessory manufacturers. As a result, the same model of car may have come with several different tops, any of which would be appropriate for a restoration today. You will find expert advice, historical data, and detailed instructions for the extension Top or Cape Hood, with information on: dimensions from body measurements, early development/construction, bows, sockets, joints, production design, the apron or storm front, oiling old straps, and much more. Find out about tops for particular body types, such as the Victoria, touring car, roadster, cabriolet, convertible, and even some commercial or omnibus applications. Includes illustrations, diagrams, drawing, design and construction of every body type. 127 pages, soft bound. Year Application-General.