Leather Work For The Restorer


Herbert J. Butler

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“Antique Auto Body Leather Work for the Restorer,” by Herbert J. Butler. Find out how to restore or recreate your early auto interior. This guide reproduces period sources that show you how reupholster seats, doors, headliners, and interior trim. You will learn about the materials & tools used in the art and craft of motor trimming: motor hides, Morocco leather, imitation leather, combined leather and lining material, cloth, canvas, carpets, coach laces, stuffing materials, cushion springs, trimmers’ tools, and tufting machines. Find out the specifics of making seat cushions: the amount of fullness, the cushion pad, making the cushion borders, cushion with wood frame foundations, cushion without borders, plain trimming, the front roll, backs, side quarters, side and backs in one. You will also learn about other interior upholstery: door trimming, doors of closed bodies, front lining boards, headlining leathers, and metal beading. You can use the scaled layouts (with descriptions and instructions) for typical body types to recreate authentic leather trim for your restoration: limousine in hand-buffed leather, coach, depot wagon, landaulet, Electric Opera Bus, Brougham, Full Leather Phaeton, Limousine in Bedford Cord, Electric Brougham, the High-Wheeler, Limousine in Cloth, Runabout Roadster, and the Electric Stanhope Phaeton. You will also learn about cutting curtains, filling cushions, spring construction, and ventilating cushions. This book faithfully reproduces trim data originally appearing between 1905 and 1908 in rare American trade publications, together with relevant British material from 1924. Includes introductory text from “Motor Body Work” by Herbert J. Butler. The publisher states that “for mastery, this practically lost art requires no more than common sense, coupled with qualified instruction. 127 pages, softbound. Year Application – General.