50 Years of Ferrari: Racing, Sports and Supercars From 1947-1997 DVD


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“If you love all things red, Italian and noisy, then you are going to love this…” Autosport

The story of the marque from Maranello in celebration of their 50th anniversary. No other car has generated such passion, vibrancy and glamour than these crimson racers and their creator. With full access to 50th anniversary events in Europe and America, every facet of Ferrari’s superb road and race history is explored. These 4 programs, now available on DVD, are complimented by an interactive fact file, featuring over 100 significant Ferrari models. You can go straight to moving footage of each car OR access their technical details and racing history. Featuring: “The Grand Prix Winners,” “Champion Sports Racers,” “The Great GT Cars,” and “Sportscars and Supercars. ”