4-bangers! and me COLOR


Jim Brierley



A Journey of Discovery

Four cylinder fords are the backbone of hot rodding as we know it today. Fords were chosen in the Model T day because they were tough, plentiful (cheap) and easy to work on. When the Model A was introduced in 1927 it was a boon to an exploding industry. The A was bigger, faster and tougher than the T.  The 1932-1934 Model B was the last of the 4 bangers to be produced by Ford for many a year,and the toughest of them all.

Models T, A & B Fords were raced on tracks across the country and even in some countries other than the good old U.S.of A. T’s were still running on the bricks at Indianapolis after the war, WWII.

On the California dry lakes the A’s were also dominant until after the war. With the advent of vintage classes at Bonneville late last century they became, once again, popular and fast, faster than ever, with a few going over 200MPH!

This book focuses on the Model A & B Fords, how to make them faster and more reliable, for street use and racing purposes. There are more 4 bangers on the road and track today than there have been since the 1940’s.