ME 262 Production Log


Dan O'Connell

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“This is an essential work of reference on the history of the world’s first operational jet fighter, the Me 262. First flown as a pure jet on July 18, 1942, the Me 262 on July 25, 1944 became the first jet aircraft used in combat when it attacked a British photo-reconnaissance Mosquito flying over Munich.

Some 1,500 Me 262s were built, but fewer than 25% of these actually flew in combat. Most remained on the ground awaiting bomber conversion, or were unable to fly because of lack of fuel, spare parts, or trained pilots.

This is the first time that a detailed summary of every known and identified Me 262 has been compiled. Some 1200 of the 1500 aircraft constructed have been identified. The book lists sequentially each aircraft by Werknummer (Works Number) from prototypes and test aircraft through to all variants of operational machines, together with known pilots, assigned units and recorded flights. Where known, the fate of each individual aircraft is given and, where possible, a photo of each aircraft accompanies its entry in the werknummer log.”