Jaguar C-Type & D-Type Gold Portfolio 1951-1960




A string of Le Mans victories at the beginning of the 1950s provided an important boost to sales of the XK-engined cars. As a result makers of specialist racing cars created their own racers using the XK engine. Nevertheless the most popular of the XK-engined racers were Jaguar’s own, the C-type and D-type. The D-type aroused such interest that Jaguar turned it into a road-going model known as the XK-SS. In later years the D-type was recreated by Lynx Engineering, a testimony to the car’s enduring appeal. This is a book of contemporary road tests, new model introductions, technical and specification data, racing, driver’s impressions, history. Models covered include: C-Type, D-Type, Cooper-Jaguar, HWM-Jaguar, Tojeiro-Jaguar, XKSS, Lister-Jaguar, Cunningham Le Mans, Lynx.