Fiat X1/9 Gold Portfolio 1973-1989


R.M. Clarke

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This car was the first Fiat designed specifically for the American market. The 1290cc engine from the 128 CoupT was fitted just ahead of the rear wheels. The removable top slotted into the front luggage compartment using a lot of the space but there was a small compartment in the rear. Although launched in 1972 it was not officially available in the UK until January 1977 and in October 1978 the Strada’s 1500cc engine and five-speed gearbox were fitted. Phased out in 1984 it was re-introduced in 1986 with electric windows and a special edition which marked the end of production in 1989. This is a book of road & comparison tests, spec. & technical data, driver’s impressions, buying secondhand and model changes. Models covered include, 1300, 1500, VS and Bertone.