Bentley At Le Mans

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Ian Bamsey


This is the fascinating inside story of the high performance racing cars that Bentley developed to win Le Mans six times. The technical adventure is traced from the original 3.0-litre Bentley that made fastest lap of the inaugural Le Mans race in 1923, through the 4.4-litre, `Speed Six` and `Blower` Bentleys of the pre-war era to the 200 mph `EXP Speed 8` of 2001-2003. Researched and written by the Editor of Race Tech and Race Engine Technology magazines, this book includes technical appraisals of the 21st century cars in unprecedented detail, made possible by the enthusiastic cooperation of engine designer Ulrich Baretzky, chassis designer Peter Elleray and other members of the EXP Speed 8 technical team. Although containing much technical material, this book is written in a manner that makes its content accessible to all racing enthusiasts. Photographs in the book include technical insights and atmospheric race shots. Text includes comprehensive car specifications and detailed chassis logs taken from factory records.