1902 De Dietrich & The Paris-Vienna Race


Thomas Ulrich


Rare & Unique Vehicles magazine, together with Metropole Druten is presenting a new book featuring a 1902 DeDietrich and the story of the 1902 Paris-Vienna race written by noted German historian, Thomas Ulrich.

It is a hardbound, 148-page colour book with 145 illustrations and infographics.

Table of Contents

  • The De Dietrich Story
  • The Race
    •   The Birth of Motorsport
    • The 1901 Paris-Berlin Race
    • Preparations for the 1902 Paris-Vienna Race
    • Alcohol To The Rescue
    • Gordon Bennett Races
    • The First Gordon Bennett Cup
    • The Second Gordon Bennett Cup
    • Paris-Vienna Touring Trip
    • Paris-Vienna Race: Start and First Stage
    • Gordon Bennett Cup: First Stage
    • Paris-Vienna Race: Neutralized Intermediate Stage
    • Paris-Vienna Race: Second Stage – Bregenz Salzburg
    • Gordon Bennett Cup: Second Stage
    • Paris-Vienna Race: Stage 3: Salzburg To Vienna
    • Paris-Vienna Tourist Trip: The Arrival
    • Side Events and Official Results
    • Personal Accounts