Alfa Romeo Registro 6C 2500


Fabio Morlacchi & Stefano Salvetti

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“Alfa Romeo 6C 2300 – 6C 2500 is divided into three volumes

The first part is history and photographs 6C 2300/2500

The second is dedicated to the Register and its members

The final part is a documentary “collection” dedicated to advertising, drawings, awards and a list of cars included in the Register.

The “6C” series was without doubt one of the most successful in the great history of Alfa Romeo, starting from the victorious 6C1500 and 6C 1750 until the final evolution with the 6C 2500, the car became a predominantly “Gran Lusso” (luxury car) which was combined with the typical Alfa Romeo sports heritage.

It was a successful series that lasted nearly three decades, in all possible variants: two-seater racing cars, monumental ministerial sedans, “Gran Turismo” convertibles, colonial cars for the “Regio Esercito” (Royal Army” and sports coupes. Some were even modified for advertising vehicles and work vehicles as vans and “autoemoteche”

These were the years of the great Italian ateliers, and design was purely inspired by their infinite creativity, not yet subjected to today’s constraints, such as the size of the vehicle, the interior roominess, safety standards, cost reduction, rationalisation of production cycles, economies of scale, etc.

3 Volume Set
(English & Italian)