Bernd S. Koehling


This new book is all about the SLK R170, first seen as concept car in 1994. It is backed by detailed information sourced directly from Daimler AG and covers the complete history of the first generation SLK. It lets the reader experience driving the SLK230 and covers all engine variations incl. the SLK32 AMG. It discusses potential vario roof issues, explains the SLK’s VIN, the different model and equipment codes and it gives advice of what to look out for in a second hand SLK. Detailed technical information and annual production data can be found at the end of the book.

In this guide one can read br>

– How the SLK story began
– The concept cars
– History of the vario roof
– Trouble-shooting the SLK vario roof
– The new R170
– The engines
– Early upgrades and changes
– The 2000 facelift
– The SLK32 AMG
– The special editions
– Experiencing the SLK230
– The Brabus SLK6.5-32
– Other tuners
– Choosing a used R170
– The SLK’s VIN explained
– The data card with detailed model code description
– Today’s second hand SLK prices
– The sales performance