Frituur Zorro vol 4


Theo Barten


“Frituur Zorro (Zorro’s ‘chippy’, as we might say) is, or was, an Austin K2 that ended its long and probably distinguished life as a mobile chip shop in Belgium. And therein is the concept behind this delightful book, which is, in the words of the authors: ‘A photographic documentation of ‘recycled‘ military vehicles of WW2.
During the ‘seventies the Dutch authors went looking for such vehicles still being to good use in scrapyards, fairgrounds, on construction sites end even as ‘chippys’, and photographed them. Most, apparently, were to be found in Belgium. The photographs are excellent and the text informative in terms of identifying the vehicle and its origins (some being modified almost beyond recognition), explaining its civilian purpose and where the photo was taken. The majority of the vehicles are of US origin, but a sizable number of British and Canadian vehicles are also featured.
The text is both English and Dutch throughout and it is an absolute delight.