Roy Spencer


“MotorBinder by Roy Spencer offers an intimate peak at motor racing’s Golden Age. It is an anthology of photos shot at local tracks, mostly in California, but in Indianapolis, Nassau, and other famous venues as well, which concentrates on the personalities and action around the track instead of on it. Legends like Mr. Phil Hill, Carroll Shelby, John von Neumann, Stirling Moss, Roger Penske and Bruce McLaren fill the pages in moments of private conversation, relaxation, and levity beside the track.
Many of the images contained within the book have never been seen before and were found in two tattered three-ring cloth binders in the archives of the former San Francisco Chronicle motorsports editor, the late Gordon Martin (who also shot many of the photos). There are also many great racing shots in this collection..
With 321 pages of text and gallery quality images this is a must for all race fans, whether you were there or wish you could have been..