Handmade 2 21st Century


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“Made in 2002 as a “”follow-up”” film to the 1988 “”Handmade”” this programme looks at the introduction of the Aero 8 and how it is constructed. It also highlights the changes made to the way the factory now runs.
Reviewed in Miscellany (the magazine of The Morgan Sports Car Club) in June 2008, Brian Downing, assistant editor, stated:
“”In 2003, Richard Atherton released Handmade 2 on DVD. It is made at a livelier and more business like pace reflecting, quoting the sleeve notes, “the quiet revolution at the Morgan Motor Company”. Like the original Handmade, it deals with the introduction of the new model, the Aero 8. Again, like the original, it goes into great detail how, the Aero 8 is put together. Charles Morgan talks of his detailed research into what he wanted to achieve with the Aero 8. Peter Morgan speaks of “embracing change” as the only way to survive. It is interesting to note that in the original he says that Morgan production runs were too small for computerised equipment. Which in 1988 was true but now, through advances in technology, the factory uses state-of-the-art computerised equipment in conjunction with their traditional equipment. Handmade 2 also looks at the improvements in production of the traditional Morgan. There is a fascinating sequence at Radshape showing the making of superform wings. Richard Atherton, who grew up in Malvern Link and at one time owned a 4/4 {and a +4 and a +8 – RA}, has taken great care not to repeat himself; so making Handmade 2 a perfect companion to the original. If you want to know how this car we all love was and still is Handmade then look no further.””