Handmade Morgan 25th Ann


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Remastered edition with 46 minutes of new extras of the 1988 film, HANDMADE – The Making of a Morgan. The definitive and highly-acclaimed visual account of a how a Morgan sports car was made in the late Eighties. Indeed, little had changed in production methods since WWII and this film was made before a re-working of the production workflow was implemented in the mid to late nineties.

Lasting 45 minutes it guides the viewer from start to finish through all the major processes involved from the start of the chassis build right through to the finishing bay.

Originally mastered on 1″C format videotape, the high production standards met full broadcast TV specification of the time. The DVD version has been digitally remastered and colour graded by an award-winning specialist. There is also newly shot material featuring Managing Director, Steve Morris, and former bonnet maker, John ‘Basher’ Bishop.