Three-Wheelers A-Z


Chris Rees

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“This fantastic new book about 3-wheelerd cars and other vehicles from award-winning motoring author Chris Rees tells the full story of three-wheeled vehicles from 1940>

This essential A-Z reference book profiles every single three-wheeled vehicle – no fewer than 1,122 different types – with over 1,600 illustrations, many of them never seen before in print. The fascinating story of a hugely diverse branch of the motoring world details a whole myriad of captivating and unusual three-wheelers, including:
• Trikes, bubble cars, microcars, tuk tuks
• High performance trikes, exotics & prototypes
• Kit cars, flying cars, amphibious cars
• Cabin scooters, invalid carriages

This book is ideal for fans of bubble cars like the Isetta and Messerschmitt; kit cars such as the Lomax, Triking and Berkeley; touring trikes from the likes of Harley-Davidson; lovers of Del Boy’s Reliant Regal; tilting trikes like the Carver; and a whole host of weird and wonderful cars that have never been seen before. Chris Rees tells the full story of three-wheelers in 240 pages, detailing 1,122 different designs and boasting over 1,600 illustrations – a huge proportion never seen before in print.