The Old Car Nut Book #3


David Dickinson

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A century of road trips across America

Everyone has a road trip story and book #3 in The Old Car Nut Book series provides a sampling of accounts on the road from all over the country. Readers will enjoy tales of trips up the Alcan Highway or traveling across country with Harold Lemay in search of cars and memorabilia for his amazing collection. Of course, road trips are seldom without a bit of trouble here and there and so we find ourselves sharing the travails of those that ran out of gas or had problems and how they were solved. These stories tell of how the road brought friends and family closer together and how new friends can have a major impact on us. In the end, readers will be surprised and delighted at how giving and caring, resourceful, and inspiring people can be when the chips are down and the road begs us to keep going to our journeys end.

This third book begins with what might be one of the earliest documented road trips as a family moves from South Dakota to Oregon in a Model T Touring car in 1915 . Keep reading and you discover stories that will make you laugh or just plain inspire you to get in your special ride and go!