Cuba 1957


David Seielstad

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“Robert Pauley, a Chrysler engineer and car enthusiast who worked with Giovanni Savonuzzi in Detroit, sent us a collection of Kodachrome slides he had taken while at the Cuban Grand Prix in 1957. While doing research for an article to accompany these wonderful and never-before-published images of this race of the gods, we found that another VeloceToday contributor, noted Ferrari historian David Seielstad, had written about the race for Forza magazine.
We combined Pauley’s photos, Seielstad’s text, and the Editor’s epilogue, “Twilight of the Gods” to create a unique view of this important but little known epic race.

VeloceToday Select© is a 32 page 8.5 by 5.5 landscape formated high quality full color printed folio, center stapled with high gloss paper. It is both a magazine and a book; always in print, it is not a periodical; they are not dated but numbered. New Folios will be published 4-6 times a year and already are gaining collectible status. ”