Holman-Moody: The Legendary


Tom Cotter

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Holman-Moody is back. With the 2013 Tour de France Mustang out and 500 units hitting Ford dealership floors this spring and summer, the legendary stock car and GT40 racing team is experiencing a resurgence. The history of this team from the foundation in 1957 to the creation of the new TdF Mustang is told in Holman-Moody: The Legendary Race Team.

Holman-Moody: The Legendary Race Team is the second edition of the highly-detailed, illustrated book by well-known author Tom Cotter, who recounts the colorful story of two hard-working car guys who built one of the largest race teams in history. With 256 lush pages of photography by Don Hunter and others, the book is a look back at the racing factory that fielded stock cars, GT40s, drag cars, race boats, and the Can-Am racer Honker II.

The list of drivers who raced behind the wheel of Holman-Moody cars is an all-star cast that includes Mario Andretti, Dan Gurney, Fred Lorenzen, Donnie Allison, and David Pearson. At its peak, Holman-Moody employed more than 300 people. The builders and tuners who started at Holman-Moody went on to become race team owners and some of the best-known engine tuners in the business, including Robert Yates, Waddell Wilson and many more.