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“Fifth Avenue On Wheels” and “Trailer Travel Here and Abroad” are Wally’s historical masterpieces, describing first hand the incredible adventures he personally experienced back in the 1940s and 1950s. Both books are contained in this special single volume, totaling 279 fun and informative pages!
Globe-trotting with Neil Vanderbilt across Europe in 1948, leading caravans as far south as Nicaragua in the 1950s, crossing Africa in 1959-60, and many more amazing journeys in Airstreams — it’s all here. Every photo from the original books has been retained, along with the Forewords, Appendices, and checklists as originally published.
You’ll be amazed at Wally’s insights and tips from so many years ago. Even today, his ideas and wisdom are very relevant.
This special edition includes a Foreword by Dale “Peewee” Schwamborn, as well as a copy of the Wally Byam Creed, and introductions to each book by Rich Luhr, Editor of Airstream Life magazine.