The Great American Hot Rod


M. deLesseps Michael. deLesseps


One of our early goals for the American Hot Rod Foundation was to publish a book that would attract young people to hot rodding. With so much focus on academics today, it’s easy to forget the practical skills, sheer fun, and the great friendships offered by this special hobby. We finally found the right author for our dream book, and it’s way better and appeals more broadly than we ever imagined. Whether you know nothing about the history and technology of hot rodding, or you’re a full-bore hot rodder today, you will love this book. Michael deLesseps is a lifetime rodder and car builder, a witty storyteller, and a fabulous artist. His wonderful book contains no photos – just sixty amazing watercolor diagrams and pictures! Perfect for children, teens, relatives and friends of rodders, people who are just curious, and anyone already in the hobby today. A beautiful, full-color hard-bound book, printed in America of course. Buy one for yourself, or share it as a gift!