Drag Racing Funny Cars – Factory Flyers to Flip-top Fuelers


Lou Hart


Since the early 1960s, dealer-sponsored Super Stockers battled for supremacy in the quarter-mile. Evolving into the Factory Experimental class, these wild steel bodied, altered-wheelbase monsters were stuffed with massive fuel injected and supercharged engines that attracted crowds to the dragstrip!

Legendary pioneers ”Dyno” Don Nicholson, Jack Chrisman, Butch Leal, Dick Landy, Arnie Beswick, Phil Bonner, Gas Ronda, Don Gay, Sox & Martin, Richard Petty, and many other A/FX stars were instrumental in the development of the funny car as it morphed from a heavy production car into seven-second 250mph aerodynamic fiberglass, tubular chassis missile, becoming the most popular class in drag racing.

Relive these moments in 450 action packed photos.