Vintage Outboard Motor Boat Racing An Illustrated History 1927-1959


Bernie VanOsdale


Rev your engines for this outboard motor boat racing story covering the early years of the sport when water daredevils thrilled spectators across the country. Covers famous drivers like Marshall Eldridge, Fred Jacoby, Paul Wearly, Clint Ferguson, Hilda Mueller, Loretta Turnbull, Dick Neal, Frank Vincent, Bill Tenney, Gar Wood, Jr., and many more. Race boats built by Jacoby, Neal, De Silva and Century are featured in historic photos, as well as the famous Johnson and Evinrude opposed firing racing engine built in the 1930s, and master mechanics like Walt Blankenstein, Dean Draper and Stan McDonald who kept them running long past their prime. Take a walk along the shorelines of America’s waterways and see what it was like to race small outboard boats during a Golden Age. Illustrated with archival photographs from the Rosenfeld Collection located at Mystic Seaport, along with over 200 historic images from private collections.