Flying Carpets, Flying Wings


Barbara Schultz


Flying Carpets, Flying Wings is a biography about Moye W. Stephens, his friends, and his achievements in aviation. During the 1920s, Moye flew with Eddie Bellande, Jack Northrop, Allan Hancock, Howard Hughes, William Boeing and many other aviation notables. This led to a career flying Ford trimotors for Maddux, TAT, T&WA. From 1930 to 1932, Moye flew author Richard Halliburton around the world in a Stearman C-3B named the Flying Carpet. This is the first and only factual narrative of that flight. In 1939, Moye was one of a select few who founded Northrop Corporation when he flew several Northop prototypes including the N-1M flying wing. Moye’s well-researched and definitive biography covers nearly 80 years of aviation history. Pictures are interspersed throughout the text – some photos have never been published before. The Appendix includes extra pictures, the Flying Carpet timeline, and the TAT information handbook.