Top Speed Dodge Plymouth Stock Car Racing


Frank Moriarty


The Chrysler engineers went through every combination that was possible. Whether it was different springs, different shocks, different sway bars, different weights They had a book, it must have been about a two-by-three foot book! It was a heck of an engineering force.-Richard Petty Seven-time NASCAR champion Winner of 200 Grand National/Winston Cup racesAcross decades of thrilling competition, many of NASCAR’s greatest drivers-from Marvin Panch to Jim Paschal, Richard Petty to Buddy Baker, Bill Elliott to Ward Burton, Ryan Newman to Kasey Kahne-have thundered around America’s legendary racetracks at the wheel of Chrysler Corporation’s Dodge and Plymouth stock cars. Power, innovation, and design have characterized these remarkable vehicles, and NASCAR’s record books have been written in the wake of their no-holds-barred competition.Now, the full story of Chrysler’s conquest of stock car racing is told in TOP SPEED: Dodge and Plymouth Stock Car Racing. Written by award-winning motorsports journalist Frank Moriarty, this book begins with the corporation’s first sales and earliest laps, then marches through the years, arriving in the present-day world of the NASCAR “Car of Tomorrow.”Like Moriarty’s best-selling SUNDAY DRIVERS: NASCAR Winston Cup Stock Car Racing and the acclaimed SUPERCARS: The Story of the Dodge Charger Daytona and Plymouth SuperBird, this new book introduces you to all the machines that have made Chrysler’s racing efforts so successful. But equally important are the men behind the wheel, and you’ll meet them all-including a special section containing exclusive conversations with Richard Petty, Buddy Baker, Pete Hamilton, and the legendary crew chief Harry Hyde.