Porsche Ladies


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Porsche Ladies pays tribute to the women whose love for Porsche automobiles and whose contributions to the brand have stood out across the company’s seven-decade history. Exceptionally gifted racecar drivers Rita Rampinelli, who raced in the middle of the last century, and Annie Bousquet, the best-known French racer of the 1950s, make appearances here, along with the legendary Porsche employee Evi Butz, who headed the company’s PR division in the 1960s. Although Janis Joplin sang of her longing for a divinely sent Mercedes-Benz, she bought a Porsche in 1968 and dispatched a roadie to paint every inch of its exterior in bright psychedelic patterns; she and the colorful car are featured in Porsche Ladies, as is tennis star Martina Navratilova, who attended the Porsche Owners Driving School and said of her teacher there, “I always knew how to go fast, but Vic taught me how to stop.” Through photographs and documents, Porsche Ladies upends the popular conception of fast cars as boys’ toys.