BMW R50- 69US Restoration Svc

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Barrington Works Chris Betjemann


The Barrington Motor Works BMW /2 Motorcycle Restoration and Service Manual, a guide for the BMW /2 Owner Restorer was placed on sale in mid-2009 and has now sold out completely. The manual had been in the works for more than two years. After all additions, corrections and revisions were made, the manual was finalized at 512 pages with 425+ photographs and 60+ original drawings.

The already published manual has now gone through a comprehensive review process and additional material has been added to the manual which has been reprinted as The Barrington Motor Works BMW R50-69US Motorcycle Restoration and Service Manual. The name change is a reflection of the revisions being made to the manual as well as the fact that the designation “/2” is an Americanism not commonly used outside of the United States.